'Membership of the Homeowners Association’ was made compulsory in the Title Deeds of 1976 (that still holds true) and that theoretically we cannot sell, transfer or register our property and/or unit without clearance from the association stating that all the dues are paid up.

Our Committee

Tyron Powell

Portfolio: Chairman, Security
Email: chair@shoa.co.za / security@shoa.co.za

Sakkie van Dyk

Portfolio: Vice-Chairman, Administration
Email: admin@shoa.co.za

Kyle van Reenen

Portfolio: Communication
Email: coms@shoa.co.za

Di Franks

Portfolio: Compliance
Email: compliance@shoa.co.za

Sandilie Mnguni

Portfolio: Finance
Email: finance@shoa.co.za

Suzette Snyman

Portfolio: Social & Events
Email: social@shoa.co.za